Falling in love….

Falling in love.....
It was 5 short years ago, that having decided to relocate to Barcelona, my husband and I were being dragged up and down the Maresme by a very enthusiastic but increasingly frustrated realtor. We wanted a large house with acres of wilderness but couldn’t find anything that ticked all the boxes and more importantly tugged at our heartstrings…until the day we were returning empty handed from yet another real estate foray and drove through the village of Alella. “That’s what we want, something like that!” Is what I think I said, gazing raptly up towards the hill beside us. Our real estate guide seemed slightly miffed, rightly pointing out that said house had very little to do with our brief and more importantly wouldn’t be for sale anyway. Chastened we fell back against the car seats and continued our uninspired search. A few days later we received a call from the perplexed realtor, who by now thought we were slightly crazed but very lucky, as indeed the house was for sale but hadn’t been put on anyone’s books.” How had we known ? The rest as they say is History…

After several months of complicated negotiations – would they, wouldn’t they and could we or couldn’t we – finally saw us embarking on the equally complicated and titanic task of Renovation. On more than one occasion I was reminded of the slightly depressing maxim of my dad who always said “ when embarking on a building project keep in mind to double the time frame you’re given and treble the budget” advice that proved again and again to be frustratingly true. Although she was by no means a ruin when we first met her, La Siroque was like a Dowager Countess – a faded but elegant beauty from a bygone age, a Miss Havisham if you will, decrepit and slightly motheaten but you could see she’d been the reigning Belle of her day!

What followed was a Love story between us, the house and her gardens. Time and time again we were surprised to find that what we had thought to be our own inspired ideas, had already existed sometime in the past, as if we were following some mysterious blueprint directed by the house… but that as they say is definitely Another Story!!! Cut to the present and we realized through or own family’s not inconsiderable social life – Christmas parties, Birthdays and weddings that our beautiful house thrives on people, lights and decorations. In winter she dresses in red and gold and in the summer in Provençal lavender and green. Why not then allow other people and future friends in to enjoy her beauty and serene sense of purpose and thus was born An Idea… Who better than a caterer and a film producer to realize dreams of Perfect Days and Glamorous Evenings all set against the romantic and intimate backdrop of La Siroque …